• Founded by Nicole Kawell in 2008
  • Models National Dance Institute in NYC founded by Jacques d’Amboise in 1976
  • CDI has served over 5000 children to date
  • CDI's unique pedagogy appeals to visual, auditory, and kinethetic learners
  • Our classes harness a written curriculum that both fosters and emphasizes social-emotional development, and aligns with the Illinois Learning Standards for Fine Arts
  • CDI has partnered with 6 schools to date, including public, private, and charter schools: St. Mary of the Angels, Burr Elementary School, Harold Washington Elementary School, Randolph Elementary School, St. Margaret of Scotland Elementary School, Christopher House 
  • All CDI programs are provided at no cost to children
  • All classes feature a Lead Teacher, Assistant Teacher, & Live Musician
  • All classes take place during the school day as part of the curriculum serving the entire student body in grades 3-5
  • The median household income of students served is $36,868 (as of 2014)
  • 96% of CDI students qualify for free/reduced lunch
  • The movement taught is pedestrian and aerobic, not technique based, with the intention that every child can do it and feel successful
  • CDI works with every child in a grade, including children with special needs and English Language Learners
  • In the summer of 2015, CDI launched an international program in Haiti in partnership with Worldwide Orphans Foundation training local staff and volunteers while serving over 100 orphaned children through our programming